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IN CABIN Massage Rates


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As always, after your professional massage experience please shower BEFORE soaking in your cabin hot tub.  The oils must be remove completely. Thanks you in advance. 


IN CABIN Couples Massage & Individual Pricing:

Body Polish Treatment  A light exfoliation of your body. This is a full body treatment that rids the body of dead skin cells leaving the body fresh, glowing, youthful and radiant. Handmade right in front of you and with only the best ingredients.

30 min $40

60 min $80

Facial Massage Treatment   This massage treatment of the face includes a cleanser, facial exfoliate, toner and moisturizer/massage of the face, neck and shoulders! 60 minute treatment includes HOT STONES!

30 min  $40

60 min $80




Deluxe  Hand&Foot Treatment   A delightful scrub/cleanser, massage/moisturizer of the hands and feet from knees down then finish off with reflexology of the feet. Allow about an hour. Scrub will be made right in front of you. Aromatherapy is included.


60 min $80 each


Tibetan Reiki All about force energy work. Ancient techniques of laying on hands, a very light touch to promote healing from deep within and promote relaxation. A universal white light. Warm hands find your source of pain to promote immediate pain relief, promote healing and calms the mind.

60 min. $75

Aromatherapy Massage The aromatherapy massage remains the preferred massage on the most spa menus around the world. Essential oils have the power to re balance us with real benefits.

Our Aroma Oils are mixed in Jojoba oil:
Lavender~ ambiance of calm
Lemongrass~ uplifting & enliven
Peppermint~ clarity & motivation
Eucalyptus~ clearing menthol-like
Tea Tree~ purify anti-bacterial

60 min $85 each 

90 min $115 each

120 min $165 each 

 Relaxation Massage
The intention is to create harmony and balance of the mind and body through Swedish and other relaxing techniques. Pain relieving, promotes circulation, facilitates the body's own healing process and improves muscle nutrition.

60 min $80 each 

90 min $110 each

120 min $160 each 

Hot Stone Massage
Close your eyes, dream, drift and relax... Therapeutic heat applications encourage detoxification, stimulate circulation of blood, restore equilibrium and dissolve stored and stuck emotions from the past. This form of massage induces a wonderful relaxation in muscles and mind

60 min $90 each 
90 min $120 each 

120 min $180 each 

Deep Tissue Massage
  Therapeutic techniques and deep pressure are done throughout this massage. Full body massage with special attention to areas of tension and stress. Helps by eliminating pain and tight muscle bands. Vigorous bodywork stimulates all vital activities of your body.

60 min $90 each 
90 min $125 each 

120 min $180 each




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